The balanced trend range for all big and small connoisseurs but how can you eat a balanced and healthy diet? There are different views to achieve this: 

One is a vegetarian / vegan diet while others advocate a lactose-free, gluten-free or a diet without eggs due to restrictions. Rinatura takes all these requirements under one brand to give you a diverse product set to fit all diets.

Why Organics?

Organic products are considered healthy, vitamin rich and environmentally friendly. Biological production is a particularly resource-conserving and sustainable form of business.  Long-term trials by the Swiss Research Institute for Organic Agriculture have shown that a biologically produced goods contain more vitamins & minerals than a conventionally cultivated area. 

About Bio Rinatura

Rinatura is one of the oldest organic brands in the German trade. Since 1983, when organics was not yet being considered as a lifestyle, Rinatura has been developing whole foods.  Subsequently, the brand developed into Rinatura Bio, which is constantly being further developed according to the following principles:

- Rinatura products are treated as gently as possible so that the natural, full value is largely retained.

- Rinatura products are free of color, preservatives and synthetic flavors.

- Rintura products are subject to constant quality control of qualified diploma and independent state inspection bodies in the European Union.

- Rinatura products are savory and easy to integrate into one's daily diet.

- Rinatura products offer security and sustainability because of its high quality and ingredients.

Contact us if you would like to see Bio Rinatura on your shelves today.

Made in Germany


Bio Certified


Bio Rinatura Product Line

Organic Oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sunflower Oil
Sesame Oil
Soy Oil
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Organic Condiments

Apple Cider Vinegar
Balsamic Vinegar
Japanese Shoyu
Maple Syrup
Mild Curry Paste
Sun Dried Tomatos
Greek Olives
Chili Paste
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Spreads & Dips

Zucchini-Olive Spread
Mexican Spread
Peanut Cream
Natural Sandwich Cream
Tomato Sandwich Cream
Mushroom Sandwich Cream
Herbs Sandwich Cream
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Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast Muesli
Fruit Crunchy
Nut Crunchy
Whole Grain Corn Flakes
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Pastas & Pesto

Whole Wheat Spaghetti
Spelt Spaghetti
Whole Wheat Pasta Spirals
Pesto Rosso
Pesto Genovese
Basil Pesto
Wild Garlic Pesto
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Patty Mixes

Spinach Patty Mix
Falafel Patty Mix
Buckwheat Patty Mix
Millet Roast Patty Mix
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Dried Fruits & Seeds

Salad Seed Mix
Dried Cranberries
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Vegetable Bouillon
Indian Curry Wok Cube
Thai Lemon Wok Cube
Organic Tofu
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Cooking Aids

Grains & Rice

Long Grain Brown Rice
Chocolate Banana Oatmeal
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Contact us if you would like to see Bio Rinatura on your shelves today.


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