From Mt. Apo to the World


The fertile grounds around the Philippines' highest mountain Mt. Apo has been conducive for harvesting coffee.

Given our good contacts with local farmers and processors, we will be able to source out the needs of a particular customer based on their business model.  Please take the time to look at the product offerings we have in store.

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Product Offerings

Mt. Apo Highland Arabica Premium Coffee

Coffee beans grown at higher elevations are typically sought after because the higher elevations mean slower bean development, resulting in more nutrients being delivered to the coffee and therefore a more nutrient-dense bean. More nutrient density means more flavor and healthy organic compounds in the coffee.​

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The Beans


We source our coffee from the provinces surrounding the Mt. Apo region in Mindanao.  With the fertile soils supporting the coffee productions and the high altitude, Mindanao has branched out to growing premium coffee to support global and domestic demand.


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